Digital token with supply elasticity, able to scale with the needs of an expanding market.


Dynamic’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) uses the award winning Argon2d algorithm. This system secures the protocol through an efficient, decentralised process called "mining".


Backed by the digital asset Sequence, the price of Dynamic is balanced by an advanced algorithm coded in Duality transferring high price impact and price fluctuations to Sequence.


Dynodes are the 2nd tier of security, processing InstantSend transactions, providing fungibility via PrivateSend and are used as the decentralised voting and budgeting platform for Duality Blockchain Solutions.



Dynamic can store special name->value pairs containing DNS records on the blockchain. These records are completely decentralised and uncensored and cannot be altered, revoked or suspended by any authority. Only the record's owner can modify it or transfer it to another owner. The record's owner is specified by the payment address.


Increased anonymised transactions via the use of PrivateSend.


Watch an address as if it was your own from within your wallet but it cannot be spent from.


Secure addresses with multiple signatures.

Dynamic Specifications

  • Coin Suffix: DYN
  • PoW Mining Algorithm: Argon2d
  • PoW Difficulty Algorithm: Delta
  • PoW Period: Unlimited
  • PoW Target Spacing: 128 Seconds
  • PoW Reward per Block: 1 DYN
  • PoW Reward Start Height: Block 20,546
  • Maturity: 10 Blocks
  • PoW Blocks: ~675 per day
  • Dynode Collateral Amount: 1000 DYN
  • Dynode Min Confirmation: 10 Blocks
  • Dynode Reward: 0.618 DYN Static Reward (61.8% of a PoW reward)
  • Dynode Reward Start Height: Block 20,546
  • Budget Reward: 10,000 DYN Static Reward Every 20,545 blocks (~30 days)
  • Budget Proposal Fee: 100 DYN, 20 confirmations (~45 minutes)
  • Total Coins: 263 - 1
  • Min TX Fee: 0.0001 DYN
  • Downloads

    • Supported operating systems:
      OSX 10.7+
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    Quality Engineer

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